Saturday, December 11, 2010

Why Raw Signal is better than current RSS Readers?

Do you still use an RSS reader?

Raw Signal is trying to provide an evolution in today's basic RSS readers. You can think of us as a RSS reader with a brain.

We're here to save you time, help you find interesting information, and prevent information overload. Here's some examples of where Raw Signal is better than your basic RSS Reader.

  1. Highlight Interesting Information
    Our algorithms and editors go through thousands of articles to find the most interesting at any given time. This saves you time, so you're only presented with highly engaging content.

  2. Remove Duplicate Entries
    Sometime the same article or very similar articles are presented at multiple sites. We work to eliminate duplication, so you only read about each topic once. This also means that if there is a topic you're not interested in, you won't see it multiple times across all the RSS feeds you are following.

  3. Discover new sites
    With basic RSS readers you have to find interesting feeds and manually add them. With Raw Signal, our algorithm, editors, and community work together to find interesting sites for you.

  4. Ability to see the conversation
    We provide a central location to see how a topic is being talked about across multiple sites. If you're interested in a topic, this allows you to drill deeper and see multiple perspectives quickly.

  5. Accessible Anywhere
    Since Raw Signal is a web-based solution, you can bring your reading anywhere. You can start reading at home, continue reading at work, and even finish reading on your mobile phone on the way home.
Anyways, those are some quick reasons where Raw Signal provides an advantage over your basic RSS Reader.

Save Time. Read more.

Welcome to the next generation of RSS Readers.

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