Friday, December 10, 2010

Top 5 Reasons To Submit Your Site to Raw Signal

We're not Google. We don't have thousands of computers processing the web. As a result, we may not find all the interesting blogs and websites about a category, but we'll sure try our best!

Sometimes, we'll need site owners to submit their sites to our algorithm. We decided to create a top 5 list on why you should do that.

Top 5 Reasons To Submit Your Site to Raw Signal
  1. More traffic for you
    Our goal is to help our users find interesting information within a category fast. When a user sees something interesting, they will click through to your website. That means more traffic for you.

  2. Better SEO
    We provide links to your site which should increase your page rank. That means Google and other search engines will consider your site as more of an authority. That means more search engine traffic for you.

  3. Get exposed to new users
    The reality is that there's a lot of websites on the web. As a user, there's no way to find them all. Our site allows users to become exposed to new and interesting sites. That means more unique users for you.

  4. Users will come back more often, and read more
    Since we make it easy for users to find interesting information, their satisfaction should go up. Now that finding interesting information is no longer frustrating and "work", they should be spending more time reading news. That means more returning users for you.

  5. The ability to participate in the conversation
    Our site allows users to see the conversation or pulse around a topic. We provide multiple perspectives, which means your ideas and view points can now be included in the conversation.
Anyways, I hope these are some kick butt reasons to submit your website information to our algorithm. The bottom line is we provide you more traffic.

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