Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 9 Reasons to Read News on Raw Signal

So we were having some beers, and for some reason, we started counting off the top reasons why we love building and using our web site.
  1. Discover news sites
    Our algorithm scours the web to find interesting blogs and websites. We currently are processing over 11,000 sites. New and interesting sites show up in our "interesting feed" every day.

  2. Spend less time filtering and more time reading
    We combine the raw processing power of several computers plus an editorial touch to produce a highly engaging stream of news. We do the hard work, so you don't have to.

  3. Read multiple sites at once
    Now you have a one stop shop to get up to date on news in various topics. Think of it as an internet news stand.

  4. Read it anywhere Since Raw Signal is a website, you can access it on your computer at home, your computer at work, your mobile phone, your ipad, etc. It isn't a program you install on one computer, but a website you can access anywhere!

  5. Get a diverse perspective on a news storySometimes, you want to go deeper on a news story. You want to see multiple angles and analysis to get a complete picture. This happens a lot in politics and sports. We bring the conversation together, so you can easily see what multiple authors think of news story.
  6. Quickly be informed on a category of newsThe internet is an enabler. It should give the users the power of information, but sometimes too much information is actually a burden. Raw Signal consolidates the information in a quick and easy "interesting feed". This allows you to quickly browse through all the interesting news stories in a topic quickly.
  7. Eliminate Duplicate NewsThere's a lot of duplicate news on the web. It sometimes seems that internet news is a giant echo chamber. We are constantly improving our algorithms to detect and deprioritize duplicate news. That way you only browse new and interesting perspectives.
  8. Become the "smart" one among your friendsSince Raw Signal makes it easier and fun to read the news, you'll probably start reading more news. Your friends will be amazed on how you seem to be up to date on various news-worthy topics.
  9. Seem interesting on datesEver been on a date where you had "dead air" awkward silences? That's a problem of the past.

    Since you've been staying up to date with Raw Signal, you can easily slip the:
    "So I was reading on Raw Signal that <insert news story>. What do you think of that?"

    Your date will be amazed on how well-read and informed you are. Instant sex appeal!
  10. Easy way to make boring topics interesting
    Say you have a client that loves basketball, a niece that loves celeb news, or a date that loves politics, but . . . . you just don't care. It seems boring to you.

    Well, now you can go to Raw Signal, and get quickly briefed on the interesting news in the topic. That way you can quickly relate.

    Also, since Raw Signal tries to bubble up the most interesting news in a topic, you might develop a newly found interest in a topic you previously considered boring.

    Several of us have developed new or renewed interest in celebrity gossip, video gaming, politics, sports, etc.
Anyways, hope you enjoyed our list. Now, stop reading lists, and start reading the news!

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