Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Raw Signal vs Directories

So you just launched a new blog or website, and you want to tell the world about it. What do you do to get free traffic?

Well visiting your local webmaster's forum, you'll see it littered with people telling you to submit you site to this directory or that directory.

I hate to burst your bubble, but unless the directory is DMOZ, it isn't going to work. No one visits directories anymore, so you won't get targeted traffic.

Take a look below and ask yourself, would you visit a directory?
And do you really think Google isn't smart enough to realize a sketchy directory when it crawls it? Your SEO juice will be junk.

We've done the directory thing over and over again, and it just doesn't work. Our team looked at the problem of how a new blog or website can get the word out, and came up with Raw Signal.

When you submit your blog or website to Raw Signal, our algorithm will start watching your blog or website and score it. We have several measures of quality. Basically, if you're a sketchy site, spammer, or you're doing nasty stuff ... you won't be included.

Once your blog or website is vetted, you will be included in our index, and have a chance to participate in the conversation of various topics.

Lot of people come to Raw Signal, because we help them find interesting information around various topics. When they find something that piques their interest, they click through to your website. You'll start to receive free targeted traffic interested in the topics your site covers.

Also, you'll get direct links from our site pointing at your site which will increase your Page Rank. After all, we think something you've posted is worth linking to, so Google will give you some SEO love from us.

In summary, Raw Signal can provide you free targeted traffic and increase your SEO juice.

Submit your site today!

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