Thursday, December 9, 2010

Reading Local News Is Scary

So, I was checking up on the local news channels to make sure they were working, and I realized . . . local news is really scary. I'm not sure if its the algorithm leaning towards scary news, or if there's just a lot of scary stuff happening locally.

Top News for San Francisco
Child found in hotel fountain is clinging to life

Top News for New York City
Two men accused in subway imam attack hit with hate crime charges
Woman Found Dead In Swanky Soho House Hotel Bathtub

Top News for Los Angeles
Rose Bowl stabbings lead to felony charges against 3 brothers

Top News In Chicago
Northbrook high school student charged with bomb threat

Top News in Boston
3rd Man Held In Quadruple Slaying

I mean seriously . . . I wouldn't leave the house at night!

Luckily, Seattle's top news item was much lighter. Thank You Seattle!
Giant observaton wheel coming to Seattle Center next year

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